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Ever since the founder and only remaining original member Andreas Ljung put together the first complete Headsic line-up in 2009 the vision has stayed intact: To blend the intensity of melodic death metal with heavy infectious grooves, dynamic arrangements and lyrics that reflect something real and often personal. From revealing childhood trauma in the live favourite “Below Ground” (TRIALS, 2012) to the self empowering strength builder “In The Blood” (The Crowning, 2016) there is authenticity. Riff heavy songs with screaming vocals personalized by the lyrical content of a frontman who is not afraid to spill his guts. This is what turns crowds in to moshpits.

Headsic’s latest release the 2019 LP LAST LIGHT… is a testament of a band that are as much “The Gothenburg Sound” as they are diverse. Songs like “The Fault And The Failure” and “Monolith” gives a harsh look into the frontman’s own questionable self worth and meaning but it also shows a will and perseverance that have kept the band going for over ten years. LAST LIGHT… may be the end of a decade but it can also be a beginning of something great. Headsic have all the attributes you would expect from a Swedish metal act but there is more to it if you’re willing to dig deeper. 


Andreas Ljung - Vocals/Guitar 

Kent Andersson - Lead Guitar 

Johannes Abrahamsson - Bass 

Tobias Andersson - Drums


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